Bafang BBSHD 48V 1000W Mid Drive Electric Bicycle Kit

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8FUN BBSHD 48V10000W
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    Parts List:

  • 1 pcs 48V 100W BBS02 Bafang Central Motor with integrated controller.
  • 1 pcs of LCD disply. Model C961, C963 and C965 for your options. Note: the C961 allows 50km/h, the C965 allows 99km/h and C963 allows 40km/h
  • 1 pcs chainwheel. We recommend to choose relatively small chainwheel if the kit will be used in hilly areas.
  • 1 pair of crankset (does not include pedals)
  • 1 pcs EB-Bus Waterproof interconnecting cable.
  • 1 pcs thumb throttle(Thumb throttles is default, or choose Wuxing throttles we offer)
  • 1 pair of ebrake lever


    • 30A max current.
    • suitable for 48V battery, LVC by integrated controller(low voltage cut off): 41V.
    • number of assist levels are adjustable by the display.
    • wheel size can be adjusted from the display.
    • speed limit can be set via the display (model dependent), it is not possible to completely remove the speed limit, but you could set the wheel size to be smaller than it really is, to trick the kit into measuring a lower speed and effectively increase the speed limit. Of course the indicated speed will no longer be correct and this 1000W kit is only really powerful enough to reach speeds in the region of 40km/h on the flat.
    • Construction: Geared Motor
    • PAS Sensor
    • Weight: 4.8kg
    • RPM: 130-150
    • Max Torque: 160 N.m
    • Efficiency: ≥ 85 %
    • Megnet Poles: 16
    • Noise: < 55 dB
    • Waterproof Grade: IP65


  • This Mid Drive Kit is designed to fit bikes with a 68mm or 73mm width bottom bracket shell(most mountain bikes in this length). This encompasses the vast majority of bikes excluding some newer high end bikes with an Integrated Bottom Bracket.
  • BTW, Fat tire Bikes are with a 100mm or 120mm width bottom bracket shell and please use please use 100mm or 120mm versions of BBSHD kit accordingly.

Bafang BBSHD 48V 10000W Central Motor with integrated controller

Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive

Chain Wheel and Crank Arms

Chain Wheel and Crank Arms

C965 lcd Display and Ebrake Lever

C965 lcd Display and ebrake lever

Throttle, Speed Sensor, EB-Bus Waterproof Cable

Throttle, Speed Sensor, EB-Bus Waterproof Cable

Bafang/8FUN BBS Central Motor kit

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