48V 15Ah Headway LiFePO4 Battery Kit

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48V 15Ah Headway LiFePO4 Battery Kit


16 pcs Headway 40152S 15Ah LiFePO4 cell(with cell holder,cell connector)
1 pcs 50A-100A Bleeding Balancing BMS for 48V 16S LiFePO4
1 pcs KPES-J(240W) 48V 16S LiFePO4 4A Charger(with spare connector)
4 pcs single pole 45A connector(2 red and 2 black)
17 pcs ring terminal connector
5 pcs crimp ring termina

Some items you may need during your assembly : Soldering iron and solder(Or use crimp tool to connect wire to ring terminals and then use screw to connect), electric wire and electric tape

Please Note: EV Components Store is not responsible for any damage made to items during puchaser's assembly process. It is assumed that purchaser of a DIY battery kit has enough knowledge of electricity and its dangers along with mechanical skills.

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