36V 12S LiFePO4 BMS (20A-50A-80A-100A)

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36V 12S LiFePO4 BMS is also used in our battery packs. Their quality and performance are approved



Description Specification (LiFePO4-12S)
20A 30A 50A 60A 8oA 100A 120A 150A
Discharge Continue discharge current 20A 30A 5o 60 80A 10OA 120A 150A
Sparkle current 60A±12 100A±20 150A±20 180A±30 250A±50 [ 300A±50 400A±100| 500A±100
Internal Resistance Main Circuit Conduct Innerresistance ≤20mQ ≤20mQ <20mQ 20mQ ≤20mQ <20mQ <20mQ ≤20mQ
Charge Charge voltage 43.8V
Charge current 10A 15A 25A 30A 40A 50A 60A 75A
Over Charge Protection over charge detect voltage 3.75+0.05V
over charge protection delay 1S
lover charge release voltage 3.55+0.05V
Balance Balance detect Voltage 3.5V
Balance release voltage 3.5V
Balance current 30±5mA
Over Discharge Protection Over discharge detect voltage 2.2土0.05V
over discharge detect delay 1S
Over discharge release voltage 2.7±0.05V
Over Current Protection over current detect voltage 1Ms
over current detect delay Off load
Short Circuit Protection Short Circuit protection condition Short circuit of external load
Short circuit detect delay 250uS  (J25B/25Ais960us)
Short circuit protection release condition Off load
Self Consumption Working current 100uA (80A & above is 500uA)
Sleeping current(when in discharge) o uA
Working Temperature Temp range  -20~70℃
Storage Temperature Temp range  -40~80℃

Overview Of Daly BMS

BMS for LiFePO4

Application field

BMS connection Diagram

Daly BMS Connection Instructions:

1、PIease do not insert balance wires into BMS before connecting batteries, must make sure connecting
with batteries correctly.
II、The sequence of connecting wires for BMS:
Notes: Please ensure to use balancing wires from Daly BMS
1.Start from thin black balance wire, the 2nd wire(thin red wire) connect with the 1st battery's positive
pole. Then connect each cell's positive pole in order until the last one's positive B+.
2. Do not insert the connector directly after the wires were connected. Measure the voltage between two
adjacent metal terminals on the back of the connector. If it is Li-ion battery, the voltage should be bet-
ween 3.0 ~ 4.2V, Lifepo4 battery should be between 2.0 ~ 3.6V, and LTO battery should be between 1.5
~ 2.75V;
3.After the wiring sequence and voltage are confirmed to be correct, then insert into BMS.
4.Adjust the multimeter to the buzzer position and measure the internal resistance between B - and P-
when the internal resistance is 0, there will be a beep, which means that the BMS is good. Otherwise,
do not weld and contact the customer severice.
5.The last step to connect B-(thick blue wire) with battery pack's total negative pole.
III、After finished wiring:
Measure whether the B + and B-voltage and B + and P-voltage of the battery are equal, If yes, it means
the BMS works normally and can be used. If not, please recheck according to the above wiring sequence.
IV、If you have any other questions, pls contact us for support.

BMS Structure Breakdown

Product Feature

Product Feature 2

Daly BMS development History

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