EVC 24S 72V LiFePO4 150A-300A (Regen) BMS

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24S-LFP-150a-300a-EVC BMS
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1. Single Cell Over Charge Protection Voltage 3.9V±50mV(Release voltage:3.8V±50mV)
2.Battery Pack Over Charge Protection Voltage Full charge early alarm:88.0±0.5V,slow alarm(di di di...);Protection:91V±0.5V,Fast alarm then cut off automatically
3.Battery Pack Over Charge Release Voltage 89.5V±0.5V
4.Single Cell Over Discharge Protection Voltage 2.10V±50mV(Release voltage:2.3V±50mV)
5.Battery Pack Over Discharge Protection Voltage Low power early alarm:70.5±0.5V,slow alarm;Low voltage early alarm:57V±0.5V,fast alarm and protection cut off, alarm is just for your information and you can detach alarm if you don't want the sound
6.Battery Pack Over Charge/Discharge Protection Release Condition Charge battery pack to recover from over discharge:Minimum 62.5±0.5V,Over discharge(low voltage cut-off),Too high current, Short circuit protection can be recovered by charge.
7.Maximal Continuous Discharging Current 150A-200A
8.Maximal Pulse Discharging Current 300A
9.Maximal Charging Current 150A compatible with electric regenerative braking
10.Battery Pack Over Discharge Current Protection Detection Current 625A±25A
11.Battery Pack Over Charge Protection Detection Maximal Delay Time 3sec
12.Battery Pack Over Discharge Protection Detection Maximal Delay Time 1.0sec
13.Battery Pack Over Discharge Current Protection Detection Maximal Delay Time 50milliseconds
14.Balancing System Working Static State Consume Current 3.6mA(The voltage of each cells is 3.2V above.)
15.Balancing System Working Static State Consume Current 1500uA(The voltage of each cells is 2.0V below.)
16.Impedance 0.5mΩ(The voltage of each cells is 2.5V above.)
17.Dimensions 1xBalance module(L)238X(W)80X(H)48mm,1xMajor control module(L)238X(W)86X(H)85mm
18.Weight Balance module:660g;Major control module:1200g
19.Apply to 24 LiFePO4 Cells in Series 20-200AH
20.Feature Advanced capacitor balancing technique which provides more efficient cells balance function. It balances cells by transfering energy from higher cell to lower cell(Efficient to 60Ah-200Ah battery pack). Save energy and reduce heat emission in balance process.
21.Installation method Double Faced Adhesive Tape or screw
22.The voltage of each cells equalization precision ±5mV---±35mV(The coherence of each cells capacity between±3%0,0.2C discharge testing method)
23.The maximal temperature ascent of balancing system module Less than25℃
24.Working temperature range —20℃-----+65℃

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