Headway LiFePO4 48V 12Ah battery pack

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Nominal Voltage: 48 Volts
Capacity: 12 Amp Hours Cell type: 38140S Cells Form: 16S1P
Dimension Options: 238x165x124mm or 340x165x83mm
Weight: 7.55 kg
Charging Voltage: 58.4 Volts
Max Charging Current: 12 Amps
Rated Discharging Amperage: 35 Amps
Max Continuous Discharging Amperage: 45 Amps
Maximum Discharging Current: 60 Amps
Discharging Cut-off Protection: 80 Amps
Cycle Life: >90% capacity after 1500-2000 cycles. (<1C discharge rate)
Applications: Electric Bike, Electric Scooter
Warranty: 1 Year
All wires in American Wire Gauge
Our Headway LiFePO4 Battery packs are designed for normal user. It makes sure users can use it easily and safety.
The battery pack have protection of battery management system(BMS)
BMS will control cell as below:
1. Single Cell Over Charge Protection Voltage3.75V±50mV
2.Battery Pack Over Charge Protection Voltage60V±0.4V
3.Battery Pack Over Charge Release Voltage56.8V±0.4V
4.Single Cell Over Discharge Protection Voltage2.10V±80mV
5.Battery Pack Over Discharge Protection Voltage38.4V±60mV
Physical Protection
Good physical protection must be given on road
Our Headway battery packs are designed with protection concern. It provides a strong protection struture to make sure user can use them under a good product condition.
1,Only Fireproof material.(Even tubing is fireproof material not PVC)
2,Vibration-cushion package design
3,Crash protection struture
Battery pack products will take 5-7days to finish cycle testing and build outside package before shipping.
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